Our systems feature a wide-range of capabilities:


  • Receiving: Merchandise check-in, match to purchase order, print and apply labels, route to shipping / storage / processing areas.
  • Processing: Repack merchandise, apply price tickets, perform QA inspections, Perform ‘value add’ processes.
  • Storage/Retrieval: Manage storage locations (pallets, bins, etc.), track inventory, direct movements, cycle counting.
  • Shipping: Sort (by store, shipping route, carrier, etc.), capture weights/volumes, collect manifest data, manage active/staged/pending waves.
  • Order Picking: RF-Direction to pick locations, Distribute from master cartons, QA inspection, print packing lists and shipping labels.
  • Order Consolidation: Directed pallet building, consolidation to staging areas.
  • Direct To Consumer Fulfillment: Automated packing into bags or boxes with insertion of collateral material and customer invoices; printing and application of shipping labels.
  • External Interfaces: Transfer data to/from your existing systems via batch or real-time connectivity solutions.


Our systems help your facility:

  • Reduce Inventory Levels
  • Improve Inventory Accuracy
  • Reduce Labor Requirements
  • Reduce Order Cycle time
  • Support Automated/Quick Replenishment
  • Statisfy EDI/ASN Requirements
  • Accurately and efficiently pack and ship Direct-to-Consumer Orders