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Innovative Solutions for Third Party Logistics Providers

3Sort™ combines innovative software with economical materials handling components to deliver fully-integrated systems that address the unique needs of the Third Party Logistics Provider. You’re different, and we understand those differences.

3Sort™ is flexible. You can process cartons for many clients based upon easily managed client profiles. Just choose a receiving door and indicate the appropriate client profile, and 3Sort is ready to process cartons. Client profiles cover everything from barcode formats and label locations to sort logic and exception handling. In many cases, 3SortTM can process cartons from multiple clients at the same time, maximizing the value of your investment, and dramatically improving payback scenarios.

3Sort™ communicates. We’ll work with your staff and your client’s IT Team to implement automated, reliable data exchange. It’s very likely that we have existing communications modules that fit your unique requirements. After all, we’ve been doing this for more than twenty-five years. When client communications is enabled, 3SortTM provides:

  • Detailed OS&D Reporting
  • Hold or ship specific cartons within a shipment, based on various criteria
  • Check-in cartons against open purchase orders
  • Allocate cartons to stores

3Sort™ is configurable. Sort cartons the way you want them to be sorted. Some of our popular sort variations include:

  • Start with a destination store number, which might come from the carton barcode or a download from your client. Map the destination store number to a delivery route. Then, assign that delivery route to a sort lane.
  • Group cartons by criteria like purchase order number, or vendor identification
  • Select cartons for inspection or value-add processing
    You can build and save many sort profiles, recalling them in an instant. Setup your sorter for a specific work task (example: Tuesday First Shift) in a few seconds.

3Sort™ is more than sorting. Just a few of our add-on modules:

  • Automated Label Print & Apply: Label cartons for shipment based on unique carton ID’s, or generate labels based on distribution allocations
  • Build / manage pallets for storage of ‘not ready to ship’ merchandise
  • Manage storage areas containing individual or palletized cartons
  • Complete eCommerce order fulfillment (QC, Stock, Pick, Assemble, Pack, Ship, and more)

From receiving to shipping, and everything in-between, 3Sort™ can help you improve accuracy and efficiency, while lowering costs, and allow you to offer new services to your clients.